1. Dealing or concerned with facts or actual occurrences; practical.

2. Philosophy Of or relating to pragmatism.

3. Linguistics Of or relating to pragmatics.

4. Relating to or being the study of cause and effect in historical or political events with emphasis on the practical lessons to be learned from them.


A pragmatic sanction.

[Latin prāgmaticus, skilled in business, from Greek prāgmatikos, from prāgma, prāgmat-, deed, from prāssein, prāg-, to do.]

prag·mat′i·cal adj.

prag·mat′i·cal·ly adv.



1. advocating behaviour that is dictated more by practical consequences than by theory or dogma

2. (Philosophy) philosophy of or relating to pragmatism

3. involving everyday or practical business

4. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of or concerned with the affairs of a state or community

5. rare interfering or meddlesome; officious

Also (for senses 3, 5):pragmatical

[C17: from Late Latin prāgmaticus, from Greek prāgmatikos from pragma act, from prattein to do]

pragˌmatiˈcality n

pragˈmatically adv


(prægˈmæt ɪk)


1. concerned with practical considerations or consequences; having a practical point of view.

2. of or pertaining to philosophical pragmatism.

3. of or pertaining to pragmatics.

4. treating historical phenomena with special reference to their causes, antecedent conditions, and results.

5. of or pertaining to the affairs of a state or community.

6. Archaic.

a. busy; active.

b. officious; meddlesome.

c. dogmatic; opinionated.


7. pragmatic sanction.

Also,prag•mat′i•cal(for defs.1, 2, 5).

[1580–90; < Latin prāgmaticus < Greek prāgmatikós practical =prāgmat- (s. of prâgma) deed, state business (derivative of prassein to do, fare; compare practical) + -ikos -ic]

prag•mat′i•cal•ly, adv.

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Noun 1. pragmatic – an imperial decree that becomes part of the fundamental law of the land

pragmatic sanction

imperial decree – a decree issued by a sovereign ruler

Adj. 1. pragmatic – concerned with practical matters; “a matter-of-fact (or pragmatic) approach to the problem”; “a matter-of-fact account of the trip”

matter-of-fact, pragmatical

practical – concerned with actual use or practice; “he is a very practical person”; “the idea had no practical application”; “a practical knowledge of Japanese”; “woodworking is a practical art”

2. pragmatic – of or concerning the theory of pragmatism


3. pragmatic – guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory; “a hardheaded appraisal of our position”; “a hard-nosed labor leader”; “completely practical in his approach to business”; “not ideology but pragmatic politics”

hard-nosed, practical, hardheaded

realistic – aware or expressing awareness of things as they really are; “a realistic description”; “a realistic view of the possibilities”; “a realistic appraisal of our chances”; “the actors tried to create a realistic portrayal of the Africans”


adjective practical, efficient, sensible, realistic, down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, utilitarian, businesslike, hard-headed a pragmatic approach to the problems faced by Latin America
theoretical, unrealistic, inefficient, idealistic, impractical, unprofessional, airy-fairy, starry-eyed




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